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Guarantee / Extended Warranty
All new products purchased from OLA Technology are guaranteed for at least 12 months.
Please contact OLA Technology directly for any queries on pricing or delivery information including possible charges.
Shipping Costs
We aim to provide shipping across Australia at the most competitive prices, please contact us to prepare a quote.
How to Order
  • Quote request using this  website, we will contact you with our best prices and options for delivery.
  • Telephone your order on 1300 724 536
  • Use our quick contact form
  • E-mail your order to
Payment can be made via our secure payment gateway using paypal. Alternatively you can pay by Cheque or transfer funds directly into our business account.
Some products require installation. If delivery and installation is required, additional charges may be applicable. Thank you for shopping with OLA Technology
OLA Technology reserves the right to alter or change product specifications at any time.